Survey on our Shocking Condition

For this final blog post, I decided to host a survey using the SurveyMonkey website in order to collect data for myself to examine and personally look at just how much the use of technology has impacted communication. I asked the the individuals taking the survey question about how much they use technology on a day to day basis, what was socially acceptable in technology use, and their overall attachment to social networking sites such as Facebook. I surveyed 100 people aged from 14 to 40 exactly 10 questions which they would either agree or disagree with. The results I gathered were fascinating, and my own personal viewpoint on technological impact on communication had changed.

My first questions were about cell phone usage and public etiquette when out with friends and when out by yourself as well as the number of text messages sent per day. Over 70% of respondents admitted that they looked at their phone very often during the day and would in fact spent a large chunk of their time every day just using their phone whether for personal, school, or work needs. However, many of the people felt that they did not use their cellular devices too much in any given day, with only a third of respondents suggesting that they spent too much time on their phones. Despite that figure, a whopping 85% of individuals felt that without their cell phones they would be less productive and be unable to properly function throughout the day.

The remaining question covered the subject of social networking, specifically that of Facebook. Questions included “How well do you know the people on your Facebook friends list?” and “Is it preferable to send someone a Facebook message than to make a phone call?” Roughly 90% of responders said that most of their friends on Facebook were not people that they knew well at all, and a mere 17% said that they would make time to meet with their friends face to face every day. 60% of strangers admitted to spending a lot of time on Facebook, with 36% agreeing that sending a Facebook message was preferable than calling a far away relative.

When you combine the cell phone usage statistics with the Facebook statistics, a rather shocking picture is painted. Seemingly, most people spend their days just hanging around looking at their phones and waiting for a notification, whether it be from a message or a notification from their social networking websites. Our phones are slowly becoming fused with our hands and our minds are melding themselves with our screens and the information on them. We are turning ourselves into narcissistic obsessive beings who have no self control when it comes to our technology. We are slowly losing a grip on what is real and what is just on the screen with much of our social lives being determined by how much time we spend on our cell phone and computers. If we aren’t more careful about our technology usage we are doomed to never be able to recover and gain what makes us human in the way we interact with each other.

Survey on our Shocking Condition

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